A new study by UMRAM researchers Professor Kader Karlı Oguz and  Arzu Ceylan Has has been published in Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders's November issue. In this study,  the profile of cognitive impairment in clinically isolated syndrome (CIS), and the contribution of cortical inflammation, cortical and deep gray matter atrophy, and white matter lesions to cognitive decline were investigated. For  this purpose thirty patients with clinically isolated syndrome and twenty demographically- matched healthy controls underwent neuropsychologic assessment through the Rao Brief Repeatable Battery, and brain magnetic resonance imaging with double inversion recovery using a 3T scanner.

In this study, It has been found that disease duration and educational years had contributions to some of the cognitive test scores, while age affected some volumetric measures of the brain. So while analyzing the correlations between test performances and volumetric measures, our researchers has controlled these confounding factors. By doing so, the accuracy of the correlations has also been controlled. In our patients with CIS, it was shown that cognitive impairment was mainly related to cerebral white matter, cerebellar cortical and deep gray matter atrophy, but not with cortical inflammation, at least in the early stage of disease. For article please go: