UMRAM houses a Siemens MAGNETOM Trio system with transmit array capability.

The system is equipped with software and tools to conduct fMRI and DTI experiments to study the central nervous system and the brain. These include

  • fMRI and DTI sequence licenses
  • A visual stimulus presentation system that is composed of

NEC NP125 projector 

NuView 489MCZ900 long-throw lens

2 x first reflectance mirrors (DaLite)

Translucent backprojection screen

  • fORP 904 fMRI trigger & response system (Current Designs)
  • Long range optics MR-compatible eye-tracking system (ASL)
  • 3 x Brainvoyager licenses for fMRI analysis
  • An 8 core workstation for data analysis (HP Z600)