Ph.D. (2016): Dept. of Physics, University of Isfahan, Iran
Email: mehdi.shafiei[at]

Advisor: Emine Ulku Saritas

He is
-- currently involved in a project focusing on the neural mechanisms of audiovisual temporal integration, supervised by Hulusi Kafaligonul at Cortical Dynamics and Perception Lab.
He received his
-- PhD, Cognitive Science, Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara (2018),
-- MSc, Cognitive Science, METU, Ankara (2009),
-- BSc, Computer Engineering, Aegean University, Izmir (2006).
He was
-- a part-time lecturer at Bilkent University, Psychology Department (2018 spring),
-- a research assistant at Atilim University, Computer Engineering Department (2 years),
-- involved in a language development project at Baby Lab at METU (2 years),
-- involved in an EEG study on short term false memory at NeuroSignal Lab at METU (1 year).

Advisor: Hulusi Kafaligonul