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Umram’dan Yeni bir Makale: Fractional Fourier Transform Meets Transformer Encoder

At the intersection of classical signal processing and machine learning, AykutKocLab has made a significant contribution by introducing an advanced and efficient transformer model (FrFNet) that utilizes the fractional Fourier transform (FrFT) to mix the tokens of the transformer. The FrFNet has been described in the paper “Fractional Fourier Transform Meets Transformer Encoder” published in […]

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Umram’dan Yeni bir Makale: The effect of gender bias on hate speech detection

We show that Transformer-based language models outperform bag-of-words and deep learning models in gender identity-based hate speech detection for both English and Turkish. Second, we find that gender identity-based hate speech detection can be improved by removing the gender bias in neural embeddings since gender-biased words can have offensive or hateful implications. The paper can […]

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UMRAM/ASBAM Güz 2022 Seminerleri: “Neuroergonomics: Towards Ubiquitous and Continuous Measurement of Brain Function during Everyday Life”

Dr.Öğretim Üyesi Hasan Ayaz Derexel Üniversitesi Pennsylvania Üniversitesi   Tarih/Zaman: Tuesday, October 25th, 5:00 pm Zoom Meeting ID: 912 6646 5546 (Passcode: 896970)   Özet: The understanding of the brain functioning and its utilization for real world applications is the next frontier. Existing studies with traditional neuroimaging approaches have accumulated overwhelming knowledge but are […]

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