Mehdi Behrooziwho is working for his master degree in Iran University of Science and Technology, located in Tahran, visitedUMRAM last July and August forexperimenting on fMRIunderthe supervision of Ass. Prof. Huseyin Boyacı. The experimentsheld in UMRAM which were based on previosly collected fMRI datawas part of his master degree thesis that is being undertakenwith the supervision of Dr Mohammad Reza Daliri.

Collaborative research between Bilkent, Yale, Bogazici, Hacettepe, Baskent and Cukurova Universities revealed a link between quadrupedal locomotion and chromosome 17p13.1-13.3. UMRAM researchers have contributed to this research by investigating the brain of the patients with quadrupedal locomotion using the anatomical and diffusion weighted MR images. The manuscript appears as the cover of Genome Research with full reference

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A joint study conducted in our center is published in Journal of Vision. The title of the article is "Relative flattening between velvet and matte 3D shapes: evidence for similar shape-from-shading computations." Authors are: M.W.A. Wijntjes, K. Doerschner, G. Kucukoglu and S.C. Pont.

Ali Uslubas is in UMRAM for four months to work in the projects which are jointly conducted with MR:comp GmbH,Germany.

A pediatric neuroradiology course has been held in UMRAM on the 11 and 12 of February which is organised by Professor Kader Karli Oğuz . The participants looked for the answers of their questions related to this specific subject in duecourse. Professor Aysenur Cila and Dr. Bilge Volkan Salancı participated in this valuable course as quest speakers. It is being thought to repeat the course in March as a result of the intense interest shown to the event.


Radiological approaches to pediatric patients are significantly different than adult patients because of the structural difference and variety in diseases. In general radiology conferences, there are usually very limited time for pediatric neuroradiology. In order to address this deficiency, there will be a course on the pediatric neuroradiology in UMRAM between 10-11 February 2012 for a small number (maximum 20) of attendees. Course will be given by Professor Aysenur Cila of Hacettepe University and Prof Kader Karli.

Date: 10-11 February 2012

Place: Ulusal Manyetik Rezonans Araştırma Merkezi (UMRAM), Cyberplaza C Blok, Kat:2 Cyberpark, Bilkent, Ankara 

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The article "Visual Motion and the Perception of Surface Material" which was written by Assoc.Prof. Katja Doerschner has been accepted for publication by Current Biology. Dr. Özgür Yılmaz who currently carries out his post-doctoral work under the supervision of Dr. Doerschner in UMRAM is one of the authors of this article.The other authors are Roland Fleming, Paul Schrater, Bruce Hartung and Daniel Kersten. In this article, three move was determined to distinguish between matte and glossy surfaces. It is understood that, this moves which are observed to be suppressing the static elements do helps us to determine the properties of the material itself. The computer software based on this idea is used to distinguish the material properties.