Alireza Sadeghi Tarakameh of UMRAM received MS degree from the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Bilkent University. He defended his thesis on May 18, 2016. His thesis was on a Birdcage-Like RF Transmit Array Coil. In his work, this coil was analyzed as a circuit model. His thesis defense committee was composed of Ozgur Salih Ergul of Middle East Technical University and Vakur Erturk and Ergin Atalar of Bilkent University. His thesis adviser was Ergin Atalar. Alireza plans to continue his education at Bilkent University as a PhD student. 

Katja Doerschner has been promoted to be Associate Professor in Bilkent University. Dr. Doerschner has been with Bilkent University since September 2008. She is currently on leave of absence and working in University of Giessen with funds obtained by the Sofia Kovalevskaya Award received from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.



Prof. Kamil Ugurbil of University of Minnesota received 15th Vehbi Koc prize. He visited UMRAM one day before the ceremony. Dr. Ugurbil is a very well known scientist in the field of MRI. He has many significant contributions to MRI including the invention of functional MRI. He is author and co-author on more than 400 high-impact journal papers. As one indicator of his contributions, his h-index is 93 as of today. 

Here is short video describing his story.  

Ali Khatibi has joined UMRAM faculty. Ali is a graduate of KU Leuven, Belgium. He did a postdoctoral training at University of Montreal, Canada and joined the Department of Psychology of Bilkent in September 2015. His main research interest is pain.  Specifically, he targets the cognitive mechanisms associated with the processing of pain. He uses MRI as a tool in his research.

Emine Ulku Saritas of UMRAM received "Bilim Akademisi Genç Bilim Insanları Ödül Programı (BAGEP)" award of the Science Academy for her contributions to Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Particle Imaging. This year there were a total of 48 awardees in all subject areas. The science academy was formed in Nov 2011 as an independent non-governmental organization to promote, pactice and uphold the principles of scientific merit, freedom and integrity. Ergin Atalar of UMRAM is a member of the Science Academy. 


 UMRAM has moved to a new building!!  With the donation received from Aysel Sabuncu, a new brain research center has been established. UMRAM moved to this building and resumed its full operation in a larger and nicer place. 3T MRI scanner is fully operational. UMRAM continues to have open access policy. Looking forward to see all the researchers who has interest in MRI research at UMRAM.

A new study by Dr. Oktay Algın has been published. In this study, visibility and patency of Liliequist’s membrane are investigated on 3D-SPACE images. As a result, 3D-SPACE sequence (with variant FA mode) is proven to be a feasible method of demonstration of this important membrane.

Feasibility of 3D-SPACE technique on the assessment of CSF related structures was first shown by Dr. Algın 7 years ago on preliminary animal experiments. Studies about applications of 3D-SPACE technique on various fields have been done since then in UMRAM. Please find more details in the link below: