Two new faculty members, Asst. Prof. Emine Ulku Saritas and Asst. Prof. Tolga Cukur, have joined UMRAM in August 2013. Both faculty members are also affiliated with the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Bilkent University. Prior to joining UMRAM, Dr. Saritas completed her PhD in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University in 2009, working on high-resolution diffusion-weighted imaging for targeted regions. She then performed her postdoctoral research on a novel imaging method called magnetic particle imaging (MPI) at University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Cukur received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 2009,  working on novel contrast generation and image reconstruction methods for rapid MRI. He then joined University of California, Berkeley as a postdoctoral researcher, where he worked on computational modeling of the human visual system using functional MRI. 


In September, Dr Dicle Dövencioğlu joined UMRAM as a postdoctoral researcher. During her PhD, Dr Dövencioğlu studied the visual perception of surfaces and shapes in the University of Birmingham, UK. She has now started working with Dr Katja Dörschner in the PRISM Project.   

Dr. Esra Abaci Turk received a Ph.D. degree from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Bilkent University in June 2013. Her thesis title is "Novel Methods and Analysis of B0 and B1 Gradients in Magnetic Resonance Imaging." In her PhD studies, first she investigated the electric field distribution as a result of gradient coils. Later she derived a Fourier domain representation of the Bloch-Siegert shift. Finally she used B1 gradient field to image shear waves inside stiff objects. She received her BS degree from Middle East Technical University and her MS degree from Bilkent University. She plans to continue her academic carrier at MIT as an M+Vision Madrid-MIT postdoctoral fellow. Her husband, Ata Turk also received the PhD degree from Department of Computer Engineering. Ata will continue his carrier at Yahoo research at Barcelona.



Katja Doerschner of UMRAM has been considered as one of the most promising young scientists of 2012 in Turkey by The Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA). She is among the 28 scientists this year who has been awarded within the framework of The Young Scientists Award Programme.  The objective of TÜBA-GEBIP is to foster young, outstanding scientists  encourage them to  establish their own research programmes in Turkey. TUBA supports these scientists for a period of three years and helps them set up their own research groups at a stage when they are in need for incentives. We congratulate Katja for her well deserved succsess.


International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine held its annual meeting in 20-26 April 2013 at Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The members and users of UMRAM had a strong appearance in the meeting with 11 presentations and four awards. While Esra Abaci and Emre Kopanoglu received summa cum laude, Fatih Hafalir and Omer Faruk Oran received magna cum laude ISMRM merit awards. Also, Dr. Atalar was selected as secretary of the Interventional MRI study group. He will be vice president of the study group in 2015 and president in 2016. The complete list of UMRAM related presentations are:

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Dr. Hulusi Kafaligonul has started UMRAM on Mar 11, 2013 as Assistant Professor. Dr. Kafaligonul received his BS degree from Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Bogazici University. Later he obtained PhD degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Houston. His PhD research was on understanding human vision system. He later joined to Salk Institute for Biological Studies to continue his studies on human vision system. Dr. Kafaligonul is a recipient of the CoFunded Brain Circulation Fellowship.

UMRAM  hosted the "Basic fMRI Course" on 16 -17 March  which was organized by Assoc. Prof. Orhan Murat Kocak of The Psychiatric Association of Turkey (PAT)  Ankara Branch.The course has started with a technical briefing about MRI Scanners given by our MR technician Mr.Musa Kurnaz. After that an imaging practice session was held using the experimental paradigm of the functional imaging study entitled  "OCD motor system" that is being carried out in UMRAM. Then  the analysis of the acquired data had been discussed in detail throughout the day.