Dr. Hulusi Kafaligonul has started UMRAM on Mar 11, 2013 as Assistant Professor. Dr. Kafaligonul received his BS degree from Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Bogazici University. Later he obtained PhD degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Houston. His PhD research was on understanding human vision system. He later joined to Salk Institute for Biological Studies to continue his studies on human vision system. Dr. Kafaligonul is a recipient of the CoFunded Brain Circulation Fellowship.

UMRAM  hosted the "Basic fMRI Course" on 16 -17 March  which was organized by Assoc. Prof. Orhan Murat Kocak of The Psychiatric Association of Turkey (PAT)  Ankara Branch.The course has started with a technical briefing about MRI Scanners given by our MR technician Mr.Musa Kurnaz. After that an imaging practice session was held using the experimental paradigm of the functional imaging study entitled  "OCD motor system" that is being carried out in UMRAM. Then  the analysis of the acquired data had been discussed in detail throughout the day.

Dr. Devashish Shrivastava visit our to present a seminar entitled "Radiofrequency Heating in a 3T Body Coil: Are Current SAR Guideline Sufficient to Ensure Patient Safety?" He also shared his experiences with us during the heat experiment we did on a sheep. Dr. Shrivastava is an assistant professor at the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, University of Minnesota.  His research interests are RF heating, its thermo-physiological consequences, and associated mechanisms to ensure RF safety for humans during imaging at 1.5 tesla (T) and at higher magnetic field MR systems.

Postdoc: 2013-2014

Huseyin Boyaci

UMRAM faculty, Dr. Huseyin Boyaci has been promoted to Associate Professor of Psychology in Bilkent University. Promotion to associate professor is a distinct honor reserved for faculty members who demonstrated consistently outstanding achievement in teaching and research. 

Dr. Boyaci is a graduate of Bilkent University. After receiving his PhD, he joined New York University as post-doctoral fellow. Later he continued his studies at University Minnesota at Twin Cities. He has been with Bilkent since 2008. More information about Dr. Boyaci can be found in this web site (Home / People / Faculty).

The fast approaching year of 2013 has been celebrated  in UMRAM at a party that is held with a large number of participants. We would like to extend our warmest new year wishes once more to everybody especially to the ones who has honored us by coming to UMRAM to celebrate the new year with us. At the same party we also had the opportunity of toasting our glasses for the well deserved success of our dedicated researcher Katja Doerschner for receiving TUBITAK prize of encouragement.


TUBITAK 47 Science Awards has been given to their recipients at a ceremony in Cankaya Presidential Palace under the auspices of President Abdullah Gül. Ass. Prof. Katja Doerschner of UMRAM had been awarded  TUBITAK encouragement prize for her works in the field of 'the functioning and the development of the human visual system'  and Professor Tayfun Ozcelik of Bilkent University, Molecular Biology Department and the Dean of Science Faculty has received TUBITAK Science  award due to his significant contributions to the field of genetics.