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Gizem Kucukoglu

Gizem Kucukoglu received her BSc. degree from Computer Engineering at Bilkent University in2009. She is currently an M.Sc. student at Middle East Technical University, Cognitive Science Department. She started doing research in Computational and Biological Vision Group with KatjaDoerschner in 2008. She worked as a researcher in UMRAM. She is going to pursue her PhD. in NYU Psychology Department, Cognition and Perception program starting from Fall2011.

Her research interests are material and color perception, fMRI, motion perception and object recognition.

Contact Information

Adress: UMRAM, Cyberplaza C Blok, 2. kat, CyberparkBilkent Ankara 06800 Turkey

Phone: +90 312 290 3016



Conference Abstracts

1. Doerschner, K., Wijntjes, M.W.A., Kucukoglu, G., Pont, P.C. (2009). Effects of surface material on perceived 3D shape – comparing velvet and matte reflectances. Accepted for presentation at the European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP), August 2009, Regensburg, Germany.

2. Wijntjes, M.W.A., Doerschner, K., Kucukoglu, G., Pont, P.C. (2010). What velvet teaches us about 3D shape perception. Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting (VSS), May 2010, Florida, USA.

3. Kucukoglu, G.,Fleming, R., Doerschner, K. (2010). Effects of shape and surface material on perceived object rotation axis .Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting (VSS), May 2010, Florida, USA.

4. Kucukoglu, G., Gokcay, D., Doerschner, K. (2011). Investigating High-Level Object Recognition in LOC – Does material perception influence object perception? Presented at the Material Perception Workshop, June 1-5, 2011, Schloss Rauischholzhausen, Germany.

5. Yilmaz, O., Kucukoglu, G., Fleming, R. and Doerschner, K. (2011) Structure-from-Motion predicts misperceived rotation axis for specular material surfaces. Accepted for poster presentation at the European Conference of Visual Perception (ECVP), August 28 – September 1, 2011, Toulouse France.