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Tuba Şahin

Advisor: Timothea Toulopoulou

Tuba Sahin received her B.A. degree in Psychology at Bilkent University in 2014. After having obtained a Bachelor’s degree, she attended the international “Interdisciplinary Neuroscience” Master’s program at Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany and graduated in 2016. Her master’s thesis was on the topic Neuroblastoma, a devastating pediatric cancer that arises from the neural crest during late fetal stages. She correlated the expression and function of putative drivers of neural crest development with spontaneous tumor regression in neuroblastoma.

She is currently pursuing her PhD on Neuroscience at Bilkent University and her research interest comprises the understanding of the gene-environment interactions and the underpinnings of the vulnerability to psychosis by using neuro-imaging, genetic and psychological analysis.