Mersin University is looking for 5 PhD students for TUBITAK BIDEB 2232

Mersin University is looking for 5 PhD students for the project “Rescue Food Reward in Obesity with Neuro-modulation of gut-brain signals” funded under Tubitak BIDEB 2232 – Uluslararası Lider Araştırmacılar Programı. The duration of this project is 3 years. Starting date to be determined, preferably in the last quarter of 2019.

3 PhD students will enroll at the graduate program in Anatomy at Mersin University and 2 PhD students that are already in a graduate program elsewhere can perform studies at Bilkent University. The scholarship will be 4500 TL monthly. Equipment and funds for studies are present. Elective course work at both Bilkent and Mersin Universities is possible for all students.

More on the research of the project coordinator can be found here:

Please email the project coordinator at for more information.

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