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The following hygiene procedures have been prepared for the safety of examiners, human participants and patients, our animal friends, and everyone working in UMRAM. Everyone MUST follow these rules strictly. Examiners, who do not follow these rules, will be BANNED from using the scanner. These rules are effective immediately and valid until further notice. Note […]

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Zipfian Regularities in Non-point Word Representations

Zipfian regularities are important empirical laws in computational linguistics and natural language processing as well as several other areas of science. Zipf’s law of meaning distribution, one of the most important Zipfian laws, points out a power relation between frequencies of words and number of meanings that words have. In particular, frequent words have more […]

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Discrete Scaling based on Operator Theory

Discrete signal scaling is a basic operation of central importance that poses several challenges, which are usually addressed as an interpolation problem. Our approach, which does not involve interpolation in the conventional sense, provides a novel and unique perspective to this problem, and may be useful in a wide variety of theoretical and practical contexts. […]

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