Monthly Archives: November 2017

Ultra-Thin, Flexible, Passive RF Resonator Marker for MRI

UMRAM researchers published a novel work in MRM journal in collaborating with UNAM team. This study presents an inductively coupled ultra-thin, flexible, and passive RF resonator for MRI marking and guiding purposes with clinical feasibility. Standard microfabrication processing was used to fabricate the resonant marker. The proposed marker consists of two metal traces in the shape of a square with […]

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A temperature sensor implant for active implantable medical devices for in vivo subacute heating tests under MRI

Umram researchers published a new study for implant safety research under MRI. The project introduces a new in vivo testing method and system for active implantable medical devices. The computer simulations and phantom experiments poorly represent potential temperature increases and Animal experiments could be a better model but heating experiments conducted immediately after the surgery […]

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Dr Algın receives TÜSEB Aziz Sancar Encouragement Award

“Aziz Sancar Science, Service and Encouragement Awards”  by the Turkish Health Institutions Presidency (TÜSEB) that is organized for the first time this year has been rewarded to six scientists who works in the field of Biological and Medicinal Sciences. One of the incentive awards of this very important prize has been given to Associate Professor […]

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