Monthly Archives: December 2021

IEEE Turkey Science Awards Ceremony

The 2020 and 2021 IEEE Turkey Science Awards were presented to their owners at the ceremony held at Bilkent University on December 18, 2021. UMRAM faculty member Emine Ülkü Sarıtaş was deemed worthy of the 2020 IEEE Turkey Research Incentive Award.

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2021 Parlar Research Incentive Award : Hulusi Kafalıgönül

Parlar foundation gives Honorary, Science, Service, Research and Technology Incentive Awards every year in order to evaluate the research studies and services carried out in science and industry and to encourage the growing generations. Hulusi Kafalıgönül, faculty member at UMRAM, has received 2021 Parlar Research Incentive Award. Dr.Kafalıgönül’s research group at Bilkent University carries out […]

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PhD Graduation: Emin Çelik

Emin Çelik has presented his PhD thesis titled ”Spatially Informed Voxelwise Modeling and Dynamic Scene Category Representation in the Human Brain” on December 15, 2021.   ABSTRACT Humans have an impressive ability to rapidly process global information in natural scenes to infer their category. Yet, it remains unclear whether and how scene categories observed dynamically […]

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