Monthly Archives: January 2018

PhD Thesis Defense: Utku Kaya

Utku Kaya (Graduate Researcher at UMRAM) successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Neural Mechanisms Underlying Sub-second Crossmodal Time Perception”. He aimed to understand neural correlates of auditory influences on perceived visual timing, visual time intervals and apparent motion. To achieve this aim, he designed precise experiments within sub-second range and provided comprehensive EEG analyses.

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Fatima Tu Zahra defended her Master thesis on December 22, 2017

We would like to congratulate Fatima Tu Zahra for receiving the master of science degree from Bilkent EEE. Her thesis title is “Highly Efficient 300 W Modified Class-E RF Amplifiers for 64 MHz Transmit Array System”. She managed her 2x300W amplifiers work in MRI scanner as in TxArray mode. Her supervisor was Ergin Atalar. She […]

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