Monthly Archives: December 2017

Multisensory Nature of Speed Estimation

UMRAM researchers have recently published a journal article in Experimental Brain Research. In their study, they focused on brain mechanisms and principles coordinating crossmodal and intramodal perceptual grouping. By designing different experiments on perceived speed, they found that certain spatial grouping principles of vision can take precedence over audiovisual interactions in time. Moreover, their findings […]

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Simultaneous use of linear and nonlinear gradients for B1+ inhomogeneity correction

In a recent publication from UMRAM researchers, it is shown that simultaneous use of linear and nonlinear gradients provides better B1+ inhomogeneity correction than using only linear or only nonlinear gradients. In high field scanners (3T or above), perfectly spatially homogeneous radio frequency (RF) pulse cannot be achieved inside the body because wavelength becomes comparable […]

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