Monthly Archives: November 2023

Quantitative radial force measurements of Woven EndoBridge devices

Dr. Algin and his team’s new study has been published.  The results of a recent study conducted by scientists from Ankara, Bilkent, and Gazi universities were published in the scientific journal “Interventional Neuroradiology“.  In this study (quantitative radial force measurements of Woven EndoBridge devices), it was determined that the relationships between the radial forces of new generation […]

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RadGT: Graph and Transformer-Based Automotive Radar Point Cloud Segmentation

The work of Dr. Koç and his collaborators titled “RadGT: Graph and Transformer-based Automotive Radar Point Cloud Segmentation” has been published in IEEE Sensors Letters. In this study, we delve into the world of automotive radar data processing, leveraging advanced techniques such as graph-based methods and Transformers. Our research addresses critical challenges in radar point […]

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