European patent application (WO2015167408)(PCT/TR2014/000248) entitled “NANOPARTICLE FORMULATION CONTAINING FARNESYLTHIOSALICYCLIC ACID” has been concluded positively and the registration decision has been finalized. Farnesylthiosalicylic acid (Salirasib, FT A), a new generation antineoplastic agent, is a specific inhibitor of Ras protein, which presents in high rate in most of malignant tumors.The patentable study is a targeted chemotherapy  to change the disposition, uptake or efficacy of antineoplastic drugs by providing more damages to tumor cells rather than normal cells. Former UMRAM researcher Taner Demir and UMRAM  Professor Kader Karlı Oguz are among the invention owners.  Other  authors  includes  Sibel PEHLİVAN, İmran VURAL, Melike Mut AŞKUN, Figen SÖYLEMEZOĞLU of Hacettepe University Medical School and Abbas KAFFASHI, Sevda LÜLE, Hüsnü KOŞUCU, Can SARISÖZEN.  See: 

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