Yearly Archives: 2017

Dr Algın receives TÜSEB Aziz Sancar Encouragement Award

“Aziz Sancar Science, Service and Encouragement Awards”  by the Turkish Health Institutions Presidency (TÜSEB) that is organized for the first time this year has been rewarded to six scientists who works in the field of Biological and Medicinal Sciences. One of the incentive awards of this very important prize has been given to Associate Professor […]

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An EEG Study on Time Interval Adaptation

UMRAM researchers have recently examined the effects of sub-second time interval adaptation on visual apparent motion. They found that both auditory and visual time interval adaptation can alter ERPs elicited by apparent motion. However, the after-effects by each modality were in the opposite direction and found as distinct changes in the spatiotemporal profile of the […]

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The Effect of an Enrichment Reading Program on the Cognitive Processes and Neural Structures of Children Having Reading Difficulties

A new article of which the neuroimaging studies had been carried out in UMRAM has been published in International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education. The article is produced from  the doctoral thesis by Dr. Gül Kuruyer which is entitled “The Effect of Enriched Reading Program on the Cognitive Processes of Students with Reading Strength and […]

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