Dr. Oktay Algin Became Professor

Dr. Oktay Algin of Yilidirim Beyazit University became professor. CONGRATULATIONS. Radiologist Dr. Algin is an adjunct faculty member of UMRAM. He co-authored many publications with UMRAM researchers including “Alipour, A., Gokyar, S., Algin, O., Atalar, E. and Demir, H.V., An inductively coupled ultra-thin, flexible and passive RF resonator for MRI marking and guiding purposes: clinical feasibility in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2018, 80:361-370.” and “Silemek, B., Acikel, V., Oto, C., Alipour, A., Aykut, Z.G., Algin, O. and Atalar, E., A Temperature Sensor Implant for Active Implantable Medical Devices for In Vivo Subacute Heating Tests Under MRI in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2018, 79:2824-2832.” Dr. Algin is known for his work on hydrocephalus.