TUBITAK Master/PHD Bursary to be Granted

Bilkent Aysel Sabuncu Brain Research Center  have a TUBİTAK 1001 scholarship to be granted  for a student who is  going to be working mainly on MR image analysis. The project is implemented in Hacettepe University Medical School  and entitled ‘Neuroimaging and electrophysiologic investigation of the effects of continuous theta burst transcranial magnetic stimulation’ on cortical excitability in cervical dystonia and focal hand dystonia in MRG guidance’. The candidate  will be working  closely with  Prof. Dr. Kader Karlı Oguz (Radiology) and Prof. Dr. Cagrı Temucin (Neurology) of Hacettepe University  but will have the opportunity to carry out joint studies with all neurological and engineering sciences due to UMRAM connection.

 General Qualities

Having  obtained  the adequate  degree from Faculties of Science or Engineering Sciences,

Having a sound knowledge of Matlab and Java software,

To be able to follow literature in the field,  must have an advanced  English level well enough to prepare texts,

Having a disciplined work attitude and high motivation, and also ability to well manage the subordinate relations.


1) Do you use Linux operating system?

2) List the software programs you are using.

3) Score your Matlab and Java knowledge from 1 to 10.

4) Do you have experience in neuroscience? Briefly explain.

5) Have you done image analysis before? Briefly name it.

6) Do you have a certificate for working with animals?

7) Do you have a first-aid certificate?

Interested candidates are expected to apply to  aydan@ee.bilkent.edu.tr  together with their resume and the answers of the above questions.