3T Usage Rules Update

Dear 3T Users,

Thank you all for strictly following the rules previously announced. So far the 3T scanner is running smoothly. Nevertheless, in order to increase the efficiency of the usage we are making the following updates:

1. The obligatory gap after human and animal exams is reduced to three hours

2. The morning appointment MUST end latest at 14:00. This includes the subsequent obligatory gap. For example, if it is a human exam, the actual exam MUST end at 11:00.

3. The afternoon appointment MUST start after 14:00. If possible please start the exam as early as possible after 14:00, this would give a reasonable amount of time for a third session at night.

The Rules of using the UMRAM Schedule

1. It is not permitted to make resevations of a duration of 3 hours or more between 09:00-17:30, 2 or more work days prior to the day for which the reservation is made. For special cases, please contact the administrator.
2. Appointments for which the owner is more than 15 minutes late, without prior notification about the delay, may be cancelled and transfered to other users.
3. Users who have cancelled their appointments at least 24 hour prior to the scheduled time need to notify the group via e mail.
4. Users who cancel their appointment with short notice are required to find a replacement for their time slot. Therefore, they are advised to get in touch with the following appointment owners. If this is not possible they may cancel their appointment by notifying the administrator and the group.
5. If a user does not keep his/her appointment two times within a period of 30 days with no prior notification he/ she may lose their authorisation of acessing the MR calender and may thus be prohibited to schedule their own appointments.
6. Unforeseen delays in the scanner schedule due to technical problems will be compensated on the same day – as much as possible – depending on the availability in the schedule and the assessment by the administrator.
7. You must use the same colour with other user when you get a reservation on UMRAM 3T schedule.

For Hygiene Procedures please click; https://umram.bilkent.edu.tr/index.php/2020/06/15/umram-mri-scanner-hygiene-procedures-for-covid-19/