New Calendar Procedure for 3T Scanner

Dear 3T MRI users,

Under current procedures, examiners have been booking their appointments on the Google calendar for the UMRAM 3T scanner, while also providing in the description box some brief information about the exam (such as name, project title, PI, etc.). We have noticed that there is significant heterogeneity in the level of detail and formatting of information presented by different users. In turn, this makes it difficult to process these descriptions while trying to extract user statistics.

To improve our ability to capture statistics on scanner use, we are introducing the following changes to the procedure for making new reservations as of Oct 2023:

1. All users must make their reservations by identifying an empty slot on the Google calendar, and then forwarding their reservation request to Tanturk Bastug ( along with a basic title that describes the exam: “Examiner name, Project name/number, PI name”.

2. Upon confirmation of availability, all users must fill in the reservation form at for the process to be completed. Please note that you will be requested to ensure that this form is submitted prior to your exam.

3. In case of cancellations, you should contact Tanturk Bastug so that he can delete the event from the calendar along with the submitted reservation form from the database.

Thank you for your cooperation.