MRM article on Eddy Current Losses

Manoucher Takrimi authored an article on the eddy current losses in Magnetic Resonance in Medince. The article is visible in the offical web page. In this research, a novel method is introduced to enhance the performance of gradient array coils used in medical imaging. The approach relies on a computational electromagnetic strategy to estimate and control power losses within the cryostat, the component that houses the coil. Compared to existing methods, the new approach results in a remarkable 280% reduction in eddy power loss. The advantages are manifold: firstly, it tackles power losses within the entire cryostat body rather than just its inner surface close to the coils; secondly, it speeds up the tuning of the array coil and accurately predicts power losses or stored magnetic energies; thirdly, its accuracy matches that of commercial software; and finally, it is adaptable to array coils of any shape or even traditional coils, extending its applicability across various imaging scenarios. In simpler terms, this research provides a more efficient and versatile method to optimize the performance of medical imaging equipment, reducing energy loss and enhancing imaging quality.