Elginkan Foundation 2023 Technology Award to Prof.Dr.Ergin Atalar

The recipients of the “Elginkan Foundation Turkish Culture Research and Technology Awards”, which were launched by the Elginkan Foundation in 2006, in their 18th year, have been announced.

The recipients of the awards, which will be given to contribute to studies, research and services in the fields of science, culture and arts in Turkey and to support the development of these fields, have been determined as follows. In line with the objectives of Elginkan Foundation; The eighteenth edition of the Turkish Culture Research and Technology Awards Program, which was first implemented in 2006 to support research, studies and services in the field of Turkish culture and technology, was held in 2023.

One of the Elginkan Foundation 2023 Technology Awards was given to Prof. Dr. Ergin Atalar for his project “Manyetik Rezonans Görüntüleme Cihazları için Radyofrekans Verici Dizi Geliştirilmesi”.